Online training about green fiscal policies

28/04/2020 ⇒ Do you want to learn about green local fiscal policies? How can you formulate this kind of policies? What are the green policy models? Visit our moodle platform where you can find interesting training materials about LOCAL4GREEN Knowledge … 

Would you like to know the stories of LOCAL4GREEN?

28/04/2020 ⇒ The most important thing of a project is not only the results achieved but also to show those results, to make them visible, and what better way to do it that the project protagonists tell their own experiences …

Local fiscal policy models to promote RES

28/04/2020 ⇒ If you are interested in designing and applying fiscal policies to promote renewable energy sources in your municipalities, we invite you to consult the Handbooks produced by LOCAL4GREEN Project as useful tools to support you in the process …

Impact of the project

All partners of the project have worked hard to engage local authorities to carry out pilot experiences on green local taxation. Such local authorities have collaborated with the project to design and implement fiscal policies intended to promote renewable energy sources.

Discover the impact of the project in each pilot municipality in terms of number of green fiscal policies designed, technical support services provided and other relevant indicators.

Key figures

More than 60 municipalities from 9 European countries have been engaged as pilot local authorities of LOCAL4GREEN project. The pilot local authorities have promoted the use of renewable energy sources and decreased the greenhouse gas emissions, having a positive impact in most of the European Mediterranean countries.
Discover the main overall indicators and figures of the project.