Working with the pilot municipality of Dolores (Comunitat Valenciana)

10/05/2018 ⇒ On 8th May, experts of FVMP had a meeting with representatives of Municipality of Dolores to revise the green fiscal policies to be implemented in their territory. In particular, they have discussed about the Constructions, Installations and Works Tax

Advances in green fiscal policies in the pilot municipality of L’Alfàs del Pi (Comunitat Valenciana)

16/03/2018 ⇒ On 19th February, we met with the councilor for the environment – Rocío Guijarro – and the councilor for finance – Mayte García -, from the municipality of L´Alfàs del Pi. We analyze in detail the fiscal policies

Moving towards a green local taxation system in the pilot municipality of Altea (Comunitat Valenciana)

27/02/2018 ⇒ The activities we like the most in the project LOCAL4GREEN is working side-by-side with the pilot municipalities. Over the past few days we have held three meetings with all our pilot municipalities in the Province of Alicante. In Altea,

The Impact of the Project

All partners of the project have been working hard to engage local authorities to carry out pilot experiences of green local taxation. Such local authorities will collaborate with the project to design and implement fiscal policies intended to promote renewable energy sources.

Find out about the specific fiscal policies to be put in place as well as the impact of the project in each pilot local authority in terms of technical support services provided and other relevant indicators.

Key Figures

More than 60 municipalities from 9 European countries have been engaged as pilot local authorities of LOCAL4GREEN project. The pilot local authorities are expected to promote the renewable energy sources and decrease the greenhouse gases emissions, having a positive impact in most of the European Mediterranean countries. Find out about the main overall indicators and figures of the project.